So much to blog…

There has been so much to blog lately but not so much time to get it all written down!

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you that sent such lovely cards and presents for little man’s birthday. He had a fab time and the party was a massive hit. The children that came had so much fun and all the parents that I have spoken to have said that their little people were all asleep by 7pm! I too was in bed early, I might add! Hurrah for parties!

Great news…The little man demanded that we take the stabilisers off his bike on Sunday. I wasn’t going to argue with that because they have been raised for ages and he has been riding on his own without realising it!

“Mummy, don’t let go will you?”

“OK sweetheart, keep pedaling!”

I wish you could hear the squeals of laughter and see the widest smile I ever saw!

The children at our school are sitting for their SATS this week, good luck to them all. Our learning centre was spoken for so I didn’t got to English class today. I really missed it! For those of you that know me as the naughty one in school,  maybe I just grew up…. Nah too boring-all we do in there is natter!

On to some sewing… At night when it’s dark and only the guinea pig squeaks. I have been doing some embroidery


Not much, just enough to make some rather sweet lavender bags for an elderly lady that I know. I am using the lavender left over from hubby’s sleep pillow.


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