Wandering inspiration and Toffee

I have not blogged over the past couple of days. To be honest I have been enjoying the things that inspire me everyday.

Things like;

The trees along the canal springing new shoots. Each tree a hugely different green to the next. Looking at how different their leaves are.

Spring flowers and plants popping up everywhere.

The bubbly sound of children laughing.

Walking the dog.

Spending time doing seemingly meaningless things, making and throwing paper planes. Throwing pebbles over a bridge into the river below to see the circles, picking dandelion leaves for the bunnies and new pig…

Oh yes and to mention the new pig…He is kind of a rescue. The children in the next street have let him come to us because he bit one of them. I don’t know why he bit them. He is not in the least bit vicious with us. In fact quite the opposite, shy but friendly. His name is Toffee.

We have managed to tempt Toffee with dandelion leaves, small pieces of orange and apple, lots of love, attention and stroking but absolutely no picking up until he settles in.


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