Rae’s spring top tutorial and flickr photo pool

I can’t believe how much spring-y-ness is going on everywhere. You have to visit sew mama sew to see Rae’s spring top tutorial. It’s lovely and it’s one that you can make your own pattern to. I think they are the best! I might just have to make one of those too!

Talking of Rae, have you seen her spring top flickr pool? What a fab showcase of what everybody out there is creating. So many different ideas and fabric on show, it’s like looking at sweeties in the shop window as a child! Take a look for some top inspiration!


A good nights rest and unfinished business!

We can safely say that works. I have not slept that well in years. My hubby who struggles to sleep due to the pain he is in, also slept extremely well. Hooray!

Here is the skirt again, with a tie belt. I think it looks much better than before. It will look even better when I cut the cotton worms away from the hem!

This was taken during a quiet moment after breakfast this morning. The little man is making a map for his buried treasure.



I am not an artist but I do find it relaxing. This is my watercolour interpretation of some wild bunnies. I started it a couple of days ago and it was abandoned as life ticked by. The inspiration came from a walk with Jade when a wild rabbit shot through the trees into the woods. So we both twiddled with our brushes!

Today I consider it finished.

Sleep pillows

I feel drowsy * said with big yawns!* 😮

This evening I have been making my husband a sleep pillow. The homeopathic type with hops and lavender.

I made the pillow to begin with then a small zipped cover. I forgot to take a picture of the pillow and it is now in bed. I will update that tomorrow. Everybody is sleepy even the dog hasn’t moved all night!

I can hardly keep my eyes open. Zzzzzzz!

and sew on…

…here is that broomstick type skirt that I so wanted to make. I followed the directions shown on the anticraft petticoat  link that I mentioned in my last post. I still have to crumple it up yet though.

My little man is getting so good at taking pictures…

So it has got this quite frumpy elasticated waist and it is really, really unflattering. I’m off to make a wide belt to cover it.

New skirt pattern and it’s free!

After browsing on sewmamasew I found this fab petticoat/skirt pattern from Anticraft. I have a ton of that blue and white fabric so i’m going to have a dabble at that. Not that I would wear top and skirt at the same time of course!

It looks great for the beach and lounging around in. I thought fab for holidays if you scrunch it broomstick style, I won’t even have to iron it then! Talking of Erica’s broomstick skirt, you have to read the broomstick story from hell, I can just imagine that being me! It actually reminds me of that mad Saturday shopping trip, not so long ago!

Anyway out comes the fabric and my rotory cutter, many thanks to Fluffy Red for that one at Christmas! Ooooh it cuts good!

Chester Park

Little fella and I met up with friends for a lovely day at Chester park.

After travelling by bus, we had a fab day in the spring sunshine. The little ones played and rode on the train in the park.

This is an odd pic that I took whilst watching the boys play. I was quite taken by the shadow of the branches against the grass. I don’t know why.

We fed the squirrels and ducks. Then we rested by the river before our journey home on the bus.

Now I wasn’t about to run off up the road to take a picture of this bus but I did think it was cute.

This is my nectar tonight, lemon wine. I made it two years ago and it is time to be opened…where did the bottle opener go to…


Spring top week

Ta da! Here is a well dodgey pic of me wearing my new top. Sorry it’s taken so long to post, all to do with children being off school i’m afraid!


The photo could have been better if taken by an adult but considering my 4yr old took it i’m extremely pleased!

I’m off to the park to play with children, feed ducks, squirels, and eat picnics and ice cream! Have a good day y’all.