Busy Sunday/Monday…

Yesterday was extremely busy but lots of fun. The morning began with some tie dye on a pink top that I hardly wear. It looks great now and I will be wearing it lots. I suppose you could call it wardrobe refashion to be posh!

Tie Dye

Little fella and I used lots of elastic bands!

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Then chucked it into some purple dye!

We did some gardening. And planted the sunflowers in the garden to grow, ready for those bees to jump onto!

messy garden in process

As mentioned we built two raised beds and to stop some of the many cats that live around here from messing in them, we threw on some chopped up orange peel around and about. It is supposed to be a deterrent and working so far!

messy garden in process

This picture makes our little garden look huge, I love it!

messy garden in process

Today I have been tidying up the mess from Sunday!

By the way, this is Georgina the new bunny….


and one of Chuckles because we don’t want her to be left out!

Chucklessleepy Jadeand a sun-soaked, sleepy Jade.


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