Big news of the week…Wish me luck…

Here goes nothing…. I am going back to school….erm yes, on Wednesday! I am doing a City and Guilds course in English. Next on the agenda is Math then on to more courses because I want to be a 1-1 teaching assistant for special needs children.

So with wobbly knees and butterflies I am taking myself and a pen to class. I am absolutely dreading it. People say they think i’m scared of nothing because I am so mad but this is petrifying! There will be an update to let you know how it goes…

It has been a busy week with lots going on around here. Hubby and I have been attempting the garden. We have put stone down so the dog doesn’t keep dragging the mud in from our bald grass. The lovely lawn we laid last year is no more! We do still have one at the front of the house though so it’s not so bad. The bunnies can still graze out there. Oh yes I said bunnies, we no longer have one but two! We rescued another one last week!

We have put up some willow screening for more privacy, much better than the chicken wire mesh fence with the neighbours staring in at us!  We built two small raised brick beds too. One is for the Little man who is growing sunflowers, peas and sweet-peas and one is for me to grow some salad lettuce, herbs and suchlike. I will be having the usual hanging tomatoes this yr, maybe hanging flower baskets too.

I will be taking photos later as we are going to plant our first plants and do a bit out there.


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