My wobbly wool-Undoing a knitted jumper…

What is she doing now? My mum used to shout that all the time, in fact she still does!

Well now wool/yarn/cotton, whatever it is that you call it, it is expensive. I went to the local market recently and bought a 100g ball of wool for £2. Nothing special, just random wool.

I have 2 sweaters there in my charity bag, they are made from wool. Why the hell don’t I just undo them? So out one comes…..

I unpick the seams to begin with, all going really well. Then I found this site….so clever! I don’t have a niddy noddy so I wound it around my hand and elbow.

Anyway I undid all of the sweater and made lots of wobbly wool.

I can’t find the picture of the sweater before I undid it. I lost it with the computer acting up.

So now I am in the process of making it into something wearable. Let’s hope it turns out the right size!…. watch this space.


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