My Dad is a star….

Little man asked me about his Nanna.

I expalined that she is my mummy, just as I am his.

After a long pause he then said, “But Grandad is Dad’s Dad so who is your Dad?”

I had hoped he would be older when he asked that, but the best way to describe to a 4yr old?? You can see that his comments are in blue and mine are purple.

My answer was that, my Dad died when I was younger. 

Is it like a spider if you tread on it by accident (likening it to an incident that had happened to himself).

Well yes.

Did somebody tread on him?

No sweetheart, he was very poorly.

Where is he now?

My answer? When it’s dark at night and you see the stars twinkling away in the sky, you will see him up there. He is a star. The biggest and the brightest.

Well described or not? I don’t know, but he went away happy. So far we have had had conversations about, our fish having eggs and them turning into babies, where did he come from and how did he get out of my tummy…. Erm, Whats next??


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