This lady really is a wondermommy! I just don’t know how she fits it all into her days! It’s a great blog to visit, fun and full of life.

I entered the comp for this fabric, you should too. I have fallen in love with the top one, i’m even dreaming about a pattern I could use it on!

Fingers crossed, toes crossed!


for luck…

The postman dropped a small package on the floor this morning which was a great surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything.

Inside was a lovely letter from a very good friend and a necklace to wish me luck tomorrow on the course. What a kind thought. Thank you.

for luck It is so very me! 😀

Busy Sunday/Monday…

Yesterday was extremely busy but lots of fun. The morning began with some tie dye on a pink top that I hardly wear. It looks great now and I will be wearing it lots. I suppose you could call it wardrobe refashion to be posh!

Tie Dye

Little fella and I used lots of elastic bands!

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Then chucked it into some purple dye!

We did some gardening. And planted the sunflowers in the garden to grow, ready for those bees to jump onto!

messy garden in process

As mentioned we built two raised beds and to stop some of the many cats that live around here from messing in them, we threw on some chopped up orange peel around and about. It is supposed to be a deterrent and working so far!

messy garden in process

This picture makes our little garden look huge, I love it!

messy garden in process

Today I have been tidying up the mess from Sunday!

By the way, this is Georgina the new bunny….


and one of Chuckles because we don’t want her to be left out!

Chucklessleepy Jadeand a sun-soaked, sleepy Jade.

Big news of the week…Wish me luck…

Here goes nothing…. I am going back to school….erm yes, on Wednesday! I am doing a City and Guilds course in English. Next on the agenda is Math then on to more courses because I want to be a 1-1 teaching assistant for special needs children.

So with wobbly knees and butterflies I am taking myself and a pen to class. I am absolutely dreading it. People say they think i’m scared of nothing because I am so mad but this is petrifying! There will be an update to let you know how it goes…

It has been a busy week with lots going on around here. Hubby and I have been attempting the garden. We have put stone down so the dog doesn’t keep dragging the mud in from our bald grass. The lovely lawn we laid last year is no more! We do still have one at the front of the house though so it’s not so bad. The bunnies can still graze out there. Oh yes I said bunnies, we no longer have one but two! We rescued another one last week!

We have put up some willow screening for more privacy, much better than the chicken wire mesh fence with the neighbours staring in at us!  We built two small raised brick beds too. One is for the Little man who is growing sunflowers, peas and sweet-peas and one is for me to grow some salad lettuce, herbs and suchlike. I will be having the usual hanging tomatoes this yr, maybe hanging flower baskets too.

I will be taking photos later as we are going to plant our first plants and do a bit out there.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mum’s out there. I hope you have a fab day. Little Man, Jade and I visited my Mum today.

For Nan from the Little Man, along with sprays of fresh flowers…

March 09 006

For me,

March 09

Smiles all around. Lovely 🙂


It’s a beautiful day for the first day of spring. It seems such a long time since the last one. I am told that we are going to have a proper summer this year too, so fingers crossed. I am hanging out the washing for the second day running knowing that it will be dry after tea when I come to bring it in.

Little man’s teacher asked if I would help out with the school trips again this year, of course I said yes! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Time flies by so quickly, I do wish it would slow down a bit.

I have been to the park and the canal with Jade today and everywhere is full of flowers. All the bulbs are up and the fair is in town. I know what I will be doing this weekend, something to do with candy floss……….

Still Hobbling

Hubby has finally got his results through for his knee! Now he is being transferred to a specialist. He has a cyst on one side of his knee and a torn cartilage on the other. OW!

I wonder how long we will have to wait this time?

I am thinking it must be a very poorly time of year. Everybody has ailments of some kind. A very good friend was taken into hospital yesterday with chest pains. I have been saying for ages slow down, listen to your body. Now that is not easy but maybe now you will do as I say! *wags Florence Nightingale Finger!* 

I hope you feel better soon mate. We are thinking of you.