Parents evening

It was parents evening yesterday. Mum very kindly looked after the little fella while we sauntered on down to the school. All good for the wee man. His work is very good and I am so proud of him. Big tick for you matey!

The past couple of days my hubby has spent hobbling about the garden with his poorly knee. He has been trying to tidying up after the winter.

We got this bird box at the end of last summer but didn’t get around to putting it up. We bought it at the shop in the woods. It’s where people who have disabilities or down-syndrome make things to sell. All the money goes towards buying new materials to work with and the upkeep of their shop. We often go in to say hello when we are there.  

Well now we have put it up. I doubt the birds will come to stay until next year but at least it is up. I put some of Jade’s furry brushings into it to make it cozy.

bagnbox 001 It is a dull cloudy day!

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