I HATE shopping…..What a rough day!

Yesterday started out with the sun shining and I felt quite happy buzzing about in my own little world until I went out! I haven’t had a day like this for ages and this is how it went;

First of all I put the washing in the machine, we were desparate for towels so in they went.

I had to go to out to get a bit of shopping, it was Saturday of course and the shops were heaving. It took me ages to park the car.

Inside the supermarket there were grumpy people everywhere pushing and shoving. I was getting quite irate with a guy who kept pushing his trolley up my backside, every where I went he seemed to be there. Arrrggghhhhh I HATE shopping!

I finally get some of the stuff I wanted since the shelves were mostly empty of the things I needed! Fought my way to the till only to find at least five people in front of each one with trolleys that were full to the brim of stuff. I had actually wondered if it was Christmas or Easter or something and nobody had told me??

Anyway I waited and waited and then waited a bit more, only one trolley ahead now and it dawned on me-I had forgotten to take my shopping bags. I take my own now since it is better for the environment, very rare that I take any of the flimsy things they dish out to everyone. I sighed then decided to just have a couple for today.

It was my turn, the poor cashier was run off her feet, hair hanging in tails around her flustered face and I dont think I saw hands that moved that fast until then. I packed up my shopping into the flimsy plastic things, paid my money and fought my way out of the shop……Unknown to me as the shopping had been put into the bag, in my haste I must have ripped a slice in the flimsy plastic with a box of shreddies, the shopping inside was streching the hole and just as I got to the middle of the car park my shopping escaped all over the floor. I didnt have any spare bags and where was I going to put it all since the bag had broken? Bear in mind I am in the middle of the road of a busy car park and people are beeping like mad for me to get out of the way. I begin picking it up and shoving it into the other bags best I can then off I go again. Into the car and inch my way out of the car park.

I got home and put the kettle on for a cuppa. While that is boiling I will just get the towels out and put them on the line since it is so sunny. To my horror when I opened the door I didnt find the lovely peach towels that I had put in there, but grey blotchy ugly things…the eldest lad had a shower the night before and wrapped his new black socks in the towel to stop them stinking the place out, then put it into the pile that I had put ready to wash. Not realising I just shoved them in the machine. Now lucky for me I have one of those colour run packs in the cupboard, back in the machine they go.

It can’t get any worse, can it…..

I had a cuppa while unpacking some of the shopping with a dog and a four yr old helping and I am still smiling, more like a grimace but it is there…

A knock on the door and some old friends appeared, then the phone rang. Hubby’s dad turned up and my shopping is still sitting on the floor in the kitchen in fear of being trampled upon. I shove all the men outside for a fag, asked little fella to play in the sandpit for a bit, make a cuppa for everyone while talking to hubby’s dad, who by the way is very deaf and makes conversation very difficult. Put the shopping away then I drink my cold cup of tea.

That was only a couple of hours out of my day. I am not going to bore or allow you to laugh at me anymore. The day went on like this and I didn’t go anywhere near the computer in case it also was having a day similar to mine!

I am relieved to say that it hasn’t continued and today has been very relaxed.

I have noted to myself; *always make sure the shopping is done before weekend!*

Oh yes and another note; *Put bags back into the car after you unpack them, if you forget them when you get into the shop it is always wiser to put the shopping back into the trolley as it is then pack it into bags at the back of the car!*

Arghhhhhhh! I consider my rant over and feel much better for it.

This pretty picture makes me feel much better…


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