No purple wool at the market yesterday what a bummer!

Never mind I went to the valentines disco at school with wee man. He didn’t want to stay by himself so I just had to stay and join in. We had a great time. Who remembers that song-oops upside your head? Well doing it with a bunch of 4 yr olds is absolute madness! Here are some school kids doing it on utube! and the conga! Well I am so glad there were no photos of that do!

I have a new project to crochet. I haven’t started it yet so there is nothing to show but when I do you will be the first to hear about it!

I walked the dog by the canal yesterday, boy was it cold! The canal was actually frozen over. My two swans were there so I poked the ice through with a branch so they could have a drink. Lucky for them I had a little pack of biscuits in my pocket from the little fella so they had one each. I know they are only supposed to have brown bread but that’s all I had and they did look hungry. 

Today the sun is out and it feels like a spring day. I spotted some snowdrops on the walk to school and it reminded me of a house in our street when we were younger. It was a house that belonged to an old man and he had a garden full of snowdrops, they were everywhere. This isn’t his garden,that has long gone, it is just something I found and wanted to share.

Smile, spring is on it’s way!


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