Ravelry and my new shrug/bolero thingy!

Thank you all for your lovely emails and get well wishes for hubby. He is hobbling better, still waiting for results and a new op date.

I have to introduce to you, ravelry. If you are a member do look me up on there. If not and you wanted to join, it’s free but you have to wait a about 3 days to get your invitation to create your passwords etc. It is a community for people who are interested in knit/crochet.  There are hundreds of free patterns and there is always somebody that can help if you have a question.

Well here it is…another dodgey picture of me, thankfully it’s really dark!

When you have made something, how difficult is it to take a good picture without help??? I have taken my mirror off the wall and propped it infront of my chest of drawers. That big blotch of light is my camera and you can’t even see what it is I am trying to show you! I think I will get Little fella to take a pic and see how that comes out!

Well anyway it’s the new bolero thingy that I have been making. I didn’t have a pattern, just made it up as I went along. When I was shopping I had a good look at how they were made and it seemed to me that it was just a very large rectangle with the two ends sewn to make the armholes. I chose a nice lacey pattern (I think it’s called lacet stitch) that was quick to crochet since most of the fabric was made of hole. Then when I had a few mins here and there managed to create this…


So I added a bit to the bottom to make it look pretty…


et voila….a shruggy bolero thingy! Part of my summer wardrobe to go over a vest type top etc.

I would imagine you could make this in any size by just altering the size of the rectangle that you begin with. I think next time I may make one with 3/4 legnth sleeves.


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