My apologies to you all who read my blog. I haven’t been updating the past few days because Hubby dislocated his knee last week. He waited all weekend for an x-ray now he has to wait for 7 days to get the results. I think he will probably be much better by the time he gets them. I have bandaged it up best I can since the doctors can’t be bothered. I feel so sorry for him because he is really suffering, thank god hes on the tablets hes on because it stops some of the pain. He does look like an old guy with his walking stick though, hobbling about with his arm held at a funny angle! Bless!

The operation on hubby’s arm that was due on 10th has now been cancelled AGAIN and he has to wait even longer. Arghhhhh-now that makes me ANGRY!

Little fella is fine but we have all had sniffles again. To top it off the dog hurt her foot chasing birds across the park!

Perhaps I shall don my white nurse cap, candlestick held high I will do the Florence Nightingale thing!….

On a happier note I have been creating again, no pictures yet. You remember that I was window shopping at a bolero type shrug thing? I have wool in my stash and a crochet hook to match……keep watching this space…..


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