Party party!

I havent updated for a couple of days because it’s been mad here. I had the dog at the vets to have a weight check, nails clipped and checked for everything. Hubby has been off colour and I took Little fella to his friends party yesterday.

The party was great and they all enjoyed themselves so much. It was at one of those softplay places where they are just  non-stop running about. Great! I had a cuppa while chatting and watching them play, then went home with a very tired boy! Yey!

I have been filling in the odd few moments with crochet samples. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out.

I received a couple of hooks, some yarn and a great book from a very kind lady on the freecycle network. The book I was given is very old fashioned but shows the basic stiches so well. She also gave me some patterns look at but I am still learning the abbreviations, not quite able to understand pattern reading yet.

Without those I would be still struggling to understand the books that I got from the library last week. They do have a couple of stitches in them but the patterns really all are jargon to me.


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