Potato printing and egg heads!

We got down and dirty yesterday. We made some wrapping paper for birthday presents by printing with potatoes that were cut into shapes for stamping. 


Little fella mixed the paint all by himself, what a nice colour you mixed mate!

Then stamped everywhere, we had a ton of fun!

So deep in concentration, those tiny green spots have to go just in the right place!

 All done!

Little man wants to paint a picture of a pink flamingo that he saw at the zoo ages ago. I haven’t got any white paint to mix with red to make pink so he used purple instead. Good job he likes purple eh!


Here is the purple flamingo standing in the grass with the sun shining.

We took a break for a while to tidy up a bit and have some dinner. We decided it would be nice to have boiled egg and soldiers. So we did.

After washing the shells we drew faces on them with felt pens. Then filled with cotton wool, cress seeds and a bit of water.

Just have to wait for our egg heads to grow some hair! We have only checked it four times in the past hour. The next few days could be long ones!


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