Well the sickness has died down and we are left with a poor tired listless body. I managed to liven wee man up for an hour or so yesterday with some painting.


We didn’t do both of them yesterday. The train was a Christmas present from last year that we had already painted. It normally lives on our living room window sill and I thought it deserved to be in the picture.

The fire engine was lots of fun and very messy. I think my hands got painted more than the wooden engine! We’re not too worried about how messy it looks because it will get painted over in red, in the future im sure! The train stared out as yellow and white!

I read to little fella for a while, until he fell asleep. Elmer is a favourite at the moment. We went to the library on Saturday morning and got this book…

we made an Elmer calendar too…


More on books… We were given this fantastic book for Christmas, a gift from a great friend. It will be treasured for a long time. We have almost read all of it and will be starting again very soon! It’s a must read for bedtime.

The Story House

It is called The Story House and it has a story for every week. Well two or three at a time in our house, they don’t last a week! It’s a great read and if you have children you should definately give it a go.


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