My poor little man was sick again all last night. There really are some sad children with very careless parents, that send their children to school when they are poorly. Not only do they feel worse than if they were at home but they pass it around the class again. They do all know who they are due to me and my big mouth!

So all is quiet in our house now. I have been up all night sorting out sick and everybody is asleep. I’m tired but am not going to bed because I really need to get a shower and then they will all be probably be waking.

On a happier note I have got some more spirals done for the scarf. In total there are 17. There isnt much purple wool left though. I might just do the odd few plain black ones to fit in here and there. If I get chance later on I will lay them all out on the table and have a think about how to stick them all together.

I called into the library yesterday and picked up my favourite music cd of the minute. Kings of Leon; Only By The Night. That will be played none stop for the next day or so! Definately something to dance to while i’m doing the ironing!


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