New work in progress….

This morning is lovely, it’s great weather. There is a crunch underfoot and the sun is shining. All the leaves have a coating of frost that looks like icing sugar sprinkled from a great height. How dare those weather men say it’s bad weather! I particularly love to see seasonal changes although they are somewhat knocked out of sync to what they used to be. I’m still rather sad that I didn’t get to build my snowman on Christmas day though!

Anyway on with the work I suppose….I had wanted a new scarf before Christmas but with all the merriment, making and doing it kind of got lost.

I don’t want a normal scarf that you would buy in the shops, thats far too normal for me, I have to be just that little bit different from everybody else because I don’t like to be a sheep. Trying to knit is just too much, i’m rubbish at it so i’m not even going to go there….now crochet is something I was taught when very small, not that i’m good at that either or know what any of the stitches are called apart from a chain and joining it up to make a circle. So a poke it through, put the wool around the hook, pull it back through sounds ok to me. Off we go……

Blue Peter extreme, here we are. A circle but not an ordinary circle with your average row, thats far too normal for me. It’s supposed to be a spiral!


The photo is not good, i’m not very good at taking pictures but never mind, you get the idea. In fact the picture shows a nice shiny table which in actual fact I don’t have, it’s has lots of grubby fingerprints on it so I don’t mind so much! And it’s a very lovely purple, not blue which is the colour that the camera has decided it is!

Well on with the show la la la! I made some more…..

Yeah they are all different sizes, so what, it was made for me, by me, I actually like erratic and at least I can say I had a go!

I am going to need quite a few of these I think so when there are a few mins to spare I will make another one or two. It is taking about 20-30 mins for each one. By the way, no i’m not going to make a hat to match!


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