Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great time over the Christmas break.  We did it was lovely to see the family tucking into their Christmas dinner, pulling crackers and generally enjoying themselves.

Here is a pic of Little fella with Jade, yes she had to have prezzies too!

We have had so much fun and it would take ages to load all the pictures but here are two that I really like,

A good friend bought some play dough, here is the result. A man with baggy trousers made by little fella and my very own blue dragon, shame it wasn’t purple but never mind, close enough!

Little man was back at school yesterday but my ironing pile was about to take over our bedroom so it had to be done, I spent ages on it and its not a favourite job of mine, so out came the music and I danced while nobody watched!

Today I am going to spend time along the canal with doggy. She has been out everyday but not for as long as I would like to have taken her, so she is going for a really good run. Well maybe a slide, it’s so icy outside that I slipped all the way to school with little fella and back again.

I found two lovely horses by the canal a few weeks ago and since they are still there I may even take a couple of carrots for them.


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