Busy little bees!

We got up late today. Well late for us, it was 8am. We decided it would be a day at home. I offered a choice of papier mache, some glue and sticking or cooking. Little guy wanted to do some cooking. We did lots!

Put the oven on then…

We made some gingerbread mixture for some biscuits and left it to cool.  Then made some fairy cakes whilst the gingerbread mixture was cooling.

January08.2 004

Thats right, that is where we will try to get the mixture!

January08.2 005 Shove it all in there then mix it up…

January08.2 006 Little man mixed for a bit then I took over. All hands on deck to get the mix into those cases. There seemd to be…

hands all over the place… January08.2 009

January08.2 010 but it went into the cases and with a bit of fingerlicking going on, into the oven. January08.2 011 January08.2 012Time to roll out that gingerbread…

We cut it all out got it onto the tray and into the oven. Jobs a good ‘un.

Little guy went off to play so I thought not having quite such a sweet tooth I would make some scones. A couple to eat and the rest can go into the freezer with some of the fairy cakes for ron.

Who exactly is ron? Lateron of course! Bad joke, never mind…….If you don’t get it-just forget it! (So they say on SpacePirates anyway)

The cakes have sunk a little but not to worry, they are ok on the inside, just fill the dip with icing and who will notice anyway? It’s a shame it wasn’t easter we could have made them into little nests and pretended that was supposed to happen. It would be just our luck to make them at easter and have them exploding out of their paper cases!

January08.2 013 YUM YUM YUM!

After a mass tidy up and some lunch it’s time for us to take a walk to get rid of all that cake mixture!

Little guy on his bike, the dog and me following with a camera! We sang all the way along the canalside. It’s ok there is nobody listening, or so I thought. I saw a man crouched down, mending a puncture in the tyre of his bike just around the corner. I wonder what he was thinking!

January08.2 018January08.2 014 Come on mum, hurry up!



In between running about like a woman posessed I have found the odd moment for myself, for a bit of quiet time. I have learnt how to do increases and decreases in crochet. I made a sock. Er, yes I said sock! Here it is….

crochet sock008 

It is not for wearing, purely for learning how to follow a pattern and how to increase and decrease! So before you think I finally lost the plot here is another sample that I made…

I’m going to undo them so that I can use the wool to make something worthwhile! ha ha!

 I saw a bolero type top in a shop last week that I really liked, but when you have no spare cash it’s  nice to window shop.

I do however, have some wool and a crochet hook….hmmmmm. Lets see what we can come up with.

Something I could really do with…

You know when you see something so simple and you think ” why didn’t I think of that?”  That happened just now when I saw this sewing machine pin holder on bored and crafty. What a great idea, maybe I will use up some scraps to make one. It has gone into my “to do” pile along with 3 new pairs of jeans that I bought in the sale this morning. I spent a whopping £6! Two of the three pairs are too long but that is easy to sort out and for 2 quid each i’m not going to moan!

Today after taking Jade out,  I am listening to Bryan Adams whilst making a warming stew then running around like a headless chicken trying to tidy up before picking Little fella up.

Chinese New Year 26th Jan

This is Little Man’s painted ox that will be decorating our door!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the year of the Ox. Everything is written in red as it is supposed to be the colour of luck in China.

Not that I am Chinese or in the know. I googled it and this means Happy New Year.

Chinese Pinyin: xin1 nian2 hao3

So I hope it is a great one for everybody. We will be having noodles and some kind of stirfry. I’m going on a hunt for recipes later! I actually found some miso soup in the local shop too! I have hunted for ages for this stuff, Fluffy Red gave me some at her house ages ago It’s good stuff so if you get the chance, give it a go!

Party party!

I havent updated for a couple of days because it’s been mad here. I had the dog at the vets to have a weight check, nails clipped and checked for everything. Hubby has been off colour and I took Little fella to his friends party yesterday.

The party was great and they all enjoyed themselves so much. It was at one of those softplay places where they are just  non-stop running about. Great! I had a cuppa while chatting and watching them play, then went home with a very tired boy! Yey!

I have been filling in the odd few moments with crochet samples. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out.

I received a couple of hooks, some yarn and a great book from a very kind lady on the freecycle network. The book I was given is very old fashioned but shows the basic stiches so well. She also gave me some patterns look at but I am still learning the abbreviations, not quite able to understand pattern reading yet.

Without those I would be still struggling to understand the books that I got from the library last week. They do have a couple of stitches in them but the patterns really all are jargon to me.

Tie off those strands!

Well here it is! My scarf is done, all but the strands of wool hanging everywhere! Completely my own design so nobody else in the world has one like it, now thats original!

It’s not quite that blue…

This is a dodgey pic of me taken in the mirror! The first one of it’s kind on my blog! It’s sooooo bad! I can almost hear fluffy red (my sister) falling off her chair with laughter! But at least you can see it’s purple!

mirror me!

I have a couple of strings to tie off. Then I will proudly wear it outside! At last-yey!

Potato printing and egg heads!

We got down and dirty yesterday. We made some wrapping paper for birthday presents by printing with potatoes that were cut into shapes for stamping. 


Little fella mixed the paint all by himself, what a nice colour you mixed mate!

Then stamped everywhere, we had a ton of fun!

So deep in concentration, those tiny green spots have to go just in the right place!

 All done!

Little man wants to paint a picture of a pink flamingo that he saw at the zoo ages ago. I haven’t got any white paint to mix with red to make pink so he used purple instead. Good job he likes purple eh!


Here is the purple flamingo standing in the grass with the sun shining.

We took a break for a while to tidy up a bit and have some dinner. We decided it would be nice to have boiled egg and soldiers. So we did.

After washing the shells we drew faces on them with felt pens. Then filled with cotton wool, cress seeds and a bit of water.

Just have to wait for our egg heads to grow some hair! We have only checked it four times in the past hour. The next few days could be long ones!