Tree chocolates

Today little man and I made chocolates for the tree. It’s a little pack that came from the shop. I don’t do packets usually but this had it all, chocolate buttons, shaped chocolate moulds, things to decorate with. All it needed were small hands to do it with!

This is the box…..

and here is what you get….

“Mummy I like those silver balls, can we eat one?”  So we did.

Chocolate melted, and a great deal of concentration of getting it in the mould,we  shove it in the fridge to set. Off we go to play for a bit then back we come to pop them out onto the plate!

“Can we eat them yet? ”

“No mate we have to decorate them first”

…..Ok so with a couple missing….we get to work….

Stick on the bits and leave to set. When they have set I will put them into little bags for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Ta daaaa! Blue Peter eat yer heart out!

What will we get up to tomorrow? Erm seriously? Wrapping presants of course!


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