Christmas shopping…..

Red today because i’m feeling Christmassy again! Here is a pic of my Christmas wizard, hope you like him, he’s wearing one of those beaded ornaments Little fella and I made last week.

I still have to buy a couple of zips for some more make up bags, I have already made 5 of these now only 2 more to go. I have made 3 army print pencil cases for the boys too. Since they are all nearly done I am going to buy some nice things to put in them.

I have made lots of presents this year but I still have to buy some and that is what i’m up to today. Lets hope I don’t meet too many people that I know because I will end up spending the day chatting and not shopping. Thats what happens in a small town where you know everybody!

Those of you who know me well, understand that I hate shopping and may even end up with shoppers rage, if there is such a thing. Christmas is an exception though and I have to do it, sigh.  So with a list as long as my arm, off I trot….


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