That nasty bug again…

Well anyone that knows me knows that if something is wrong, there is a silence. It’s not because I won’t say what the problem is, just that I won’t inflict my mood onto other people if I can help it. 

So it has been silent for a few days that’s right, we have all been poorly again. ALL of us this time! The sickness bug hit yet again. Not to mention the fact that we all missed the school play. Really miffed about that since everyone has done so much preparation for it. Until I go to the school I won’t even know if there are any pictures of the tiny bodies in their lovely little costumes.  Somebody must have taken at least one surely.

We are over it now and the silence is broken. (Big smiles all round) Little man still isn’t in school because everytime the cold hits his chest he is sick so he’s right here with me and this is what we made…

christmas cards friendly snowman Christmas cards!

When I wasn’t cleaning up sick but could manage to hold a needle my time wasn’t wasted. Here’s what else I made!

My photographic skills are useless and they really are much nicer than that picture. Anyway the reindeers are again from here. The Father Christmas was the same basic shape but with my own decoration and colours. I’m really pleased with them and how they all turned out.

I didn’t do a step by step photo this time but it’s so easy i’m sure anyone couldn’t mess it up. I will be adding a how to page as soon as it’s written.


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