I love snow, hope we get some soon!

Take a look at this reindeer!




Over the past few days I have been visiting people and delivering Christmas gifts and today is no exception. I’m taking little fella to visit a couple of his friends,  so I have no doubt the day will be spent playing.

It’s nearly Christmas eve and the excitement is bubbling away. I am not going to be on here for a while so I would like to say Merry Christmas to you all from our family to yours. I hope you all have a really great time.

Tree chocolates

Today little man and I made chocolates for the tree. It’s a little pack that came from the shop. I don’t do packets usually but this had it all, chocolate buttons, shaped chocolate moulds, things to decorate with. All it needed were small hands to do it with!

This is the box…..

and here is what you get….

“Mummy I like those silver balls, can we eat one?”  So we did.

Chocolate melted, and a great deal of concentration of getting it in the mould,we  shove it in the fridge to set. Off we go to play for a bit then back we come to pop them out onto the plate!

“Can we eat them yet? ”

“No mate we have to decorate them first”

…..Ok so with a couple missing….we get to work….

Stick on the bits and leave to set. When they have set I will put them into little bags for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Ta daaaa! Blue Peter eat yer heart out!

What will we get up to tomorrow? Erm seriously? Wrapping presants of course!

Nearly done!

Yay, nearly done all the Christmas shopping! Only a couple to get now and I have even started wrapping them all up!

Little fella made some paper chains yesterday and even more today! I love the look of them, very traditional. I am just about to hang them up.

Little fella finishes school tomorrow at midday so it will be a mad rush to get things done in the morning before he comes home!

Christmas shopping…..

Red today because i’m feeling Christmassy again! Here is a pic of my Christmas wizard, hope you like him, he’s wearing one of those beaded ornaments Little fella and I made last week.

I still have to buy a couple of zips for some more make up bags, I have already made 5 of these now only 2 more to go. I have made 3 army print pencil cases for the boys too. Since they are all nearly done I am going to buy some nice things to put in them.

I have made lots of presents this year but I still have to buy some and that is what i’m up to today. Lets hope I don’t meet too many people that I know because I will end up spending the day chatting and not shopping. Thats what happens in a small town where you know everybody!

Those of you who know me well, understand that I hate shopping and may even end up with shoppers rage, if there is such a thing. Christmas is an exception though and I have to do it, sigh.  So with a list as long as my arm, off I trot….


Christmas08 005

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The tree is up and are we feeling Christmassy yet? Oh yes! So much so that I didn’t even have time to get the label off the reindeer hat!


Wee man and I made gingerbread biscuits today. Yum yum, yes we have eaten far too many!

We have had this book for ages and read it lots, and baked many many gingerbread Fred’s from the recipe too!


I’m afraid I thought I had the ingredients in the cupboard when I promised we could make them…..but when I got there the cupboard was bare! No, not really I just didn’t have any syrup which unusual for me, because cake making ingredients are always in stock, but no not today to my shame. It’s ok not to worry we have some honey and treacle in and thats nice and sticky, right?

So we get to work making big clouds of flour all over the place and too many floury fingerprints to mention. Anyway the mixture resembles the same as usual. We had not messed with the recipe just put 2 tbl sps of treacle and 1 of honey instead of 3 tbl sp of syrup. It just looks a little darker. Because it’s Christmas we added a bit of mixed spice. We then put it in the fridge to get nice and cool because it’s a real pain to do when it’s warm.

These are the cutters we are going to use. It’s been a few months since we made any so I gave them a swish in some really hot soapy water. While the oven was heating up and the mixture was getting cool. Little fella asked me what’s this. Well I really didn’t know but my answer was a guitar, no hang on it’s a snowman on his side, er i’m not sure. What would you like it to be? Apparently it’s a violin in the eyes of a 4yr old.

If you do know what this is please tell me because I really don’t!

That’s dingle bear! (Dingle bear is the best bear ever)

The mixture is still warm so i’m having a coffee from my fave cup and little man wanders off for a play. Fifteen mins later we are back on the job and ready to rock and roll.

Roll, roll, roll your gingerbread la la la, we sing to the row your boat tune and cut out loads of shapes and get them onto the tray and into the oven before they all run away!

 Little fella says the swan is for me and the dancing man is for him. We saw two lovely white swans a few weeks ago as we walked along the canal, maybe that had something do do with it.

Fresh out of the oven and still warm. It’s time for another cuppa before I finish the tidying up!

All nicely decorated by the two of us, here is a selection for you to feast your eyes upon and wish they were yours…..he he!

Yes of course I ate my swan and wee man ate his dancing man!