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What on earth is all that mess? I will tell you tomorrow – ha ha!


All wrapped up!

Guess the weight!

Over the past few days I have been decorating a cake for the school Christmas fair so that they can do a guess the weight competition. I am going to show you some pictures and explain how it was done Now it’s not sewing but it is all about what I have been up to!

Ok so here’s the cake I already made.

Now I put some boiled apricot jam over it ready for the marzipan….roll it out then stick it on….

Then some Jack Daniels to make the sugar stick- not rum or brandy I know! Thats all the alchol I could find, since it’s what I drink i’m sure it will be fine. If we have some dancing grannies afterwards I will be sure to take pictures!

Roll out the icing, throw it over and smooth it in place. Roll out a long sausage to cover the scruffy bit around the bottom of the cake where it meets the board.

Crimp around the top and sausage and thats the boring bit out of the way. Now we can get creating!

At this point I didn’t know what was going to go on top but i’m feeling a bit kind of snuggled up in my warm kitchen and wouldn’t it be so lovely if it snowed so that we can make a big old snowman this year. Yes thats just it, a nice snowy snowman!

So I found some blue flower petal dust in my stash of cake things and got to work dabbing it on to make a sky….

Make a ball for the head and one a bit bigger for the body. Now not that i’m sex starved making sausages and balls or anything, it’s just easier to describe them that way!

Ok so we poke a couple of eye holes and nose hole so that they don’t get knocked off too easily when it’s picked up.

Go get creative now and decorate you snowman how ever you want to. It helps if you have played with playdough with the kids!

To make my snowman feel cold and snowy I dabbed some royal icing over him before I stuck all the bits on. Then put some icing in a greaseproof bag to pipe a few dots of snow around.

You are wondering what this blurry photo (i’m not so good at taking pictures sorry) is about… I’m using the round bit of an icing tube to cut out some holly. I do have a cutter-somewhere but where is it when I want it? Anyway I basically cut out a diamond then made holly shapes. Stick em on with a bit of the white icing then mix up some red to do the berries and write with.

Tie a red ribbon round the old oak tree la la la ….. er Christmas cake! So I got the words wrong but never mind so long as i’m feeling happy about the whole thing. You know what they say, make you life good, sing and dance like nobody is watching-i’m lucky nobody was!

Ta daaaaa! One cake all done. Got to wrap it in that film stuff that florists use then i’m taking this to the post office to get weighed.

Well I hope that was interesting for some of you and maybe made some sense? Merry early Christmas!


When it’s weighed i’m taking it to the school ready for the fair. Then I have got to think about making some of those cute little bags for Christmas.


I didn’t update yesterday because it was mad around here. I did spend an hour out with my dog looking at nature!

Jade by you.

In a fuzzy kind of way because she can’t sit still for long!

Jade by you.

Jade by you.

I am off to the machine for a bit now to look at boyish pictures for pencil cases and plain girly fabric!

I have been making……….

Well last night I thought I would have a go at making a draft of a make up bag for a friends two daughters for Christmas. I am not going to give them this one, I will buy pretty girly fabric. This is just something I found floating around in my stash. Even the zip was rescued from old clothing! After all it’s only a test run!

make up bag by you.

make up bag by you.

I am thinking of putting some lip balm, nail varnish and a handy size pack of tissues in it. It looks on the large side so I am going to shrink an inch from each side next time too.

My friend has a little boy in the same class as my lad so i’m thinking of a pencil case for him for Christmas. Using boyish fabric and made longer and slimer. I will put in an eraser, sharpener and pencils.

I will probably use this one myself to store some sewing goodies in. That just gave me an idea for a Christmas present – a bag with sewing stuff in it for my niece who is at uni.

Hello world!

Wahhhh, it’s all new! I have no idea how to use this but i’m sure I will get it! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s boring at the moment but lots of stuff coming so keep your eyes peeled!